Mobile Outboard and Sterndrive servicing and repairs all over Perth
We work on all the Major Brands

Frequently asked questions

  1. How often does my Outboard require servicing?
    Most manufacturers recommend servicing every 12 months or 100 hours of operation. Regular maintenance will prevent more costly issues such as seized steering, water in fuel components and drained batteries.
  2. What parts are replaced in a typical service?
    Items replaced normally include: Water pump impeller, gear oil, engine oil and filter, fuel filters, spark plugs and the thermostat gasket.
  3. What items are inspected/cleaned?
    In addition to replacing the components above we will load test your batteries, clean and lubricate your battery terminals, compression test your engine, check your steering system and controls and your fuel system.
  4. What will it cost?
    Servicing varies in cost from about $300-$850 depending on what type and size your engine is.
  5. Can you service my boat at my home?
    We are equipped to perform the majority of service and repair work at your home, some jobs however are best performed at our workshop in Nowergup, near Hester ave and Wanneroo Road.
  6. How do I arrange payment?
    We are equipped with an EFTPOS machine that allows payment via credit and debit card as well as phone transactions. This means that you are free to go about your day while we work on your boat.